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We present the edited video back to you for feedback. After a couple of rounds of tweaks your video is then delivered and is ready for your audience!

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As business relationships continue to move to the Internet, finding new and creative ways to connect with your customers is vital. That’s partly why live explainer videos are all the rage these days. While animated videos are great, and they serve their purpose, live marketing videos are perfect for people-oriented companies that need to connect with viewers on a personal level. Live marketing videos can be an important tool in your marketing arsenal when it comes to putting a face on your company and showing customers and potential customers that you have a personality. 
Does your advertising give a true reflection of your product or service? Press Play Online offers high quality video advertising for web to get your product or service seen in motion. In this age of hyper-aware and chronically-bored consumers, advertisers have to work harder than ever to engage their target markets. Even the most prolific and experienced marketers are having trouble connecting with an audience that before, was enticed by print and banner ads. These kinds of adverts just aren't cutting it anymore. Video for Web is the answer! Press Play Online creates awesome videos with out of the box thinking - our dream is to paint this techie world we live in with bright, colourful video!
We have experience with big business, small business, travel business and NGO's, we would love to video YOUR business!

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